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GAMAPE (R) TRAININGS by Gabriele Maria Perklitsch

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GAMAPE(R) First Austrian Hotel- & Housekeeping Akademie
in Klagenfurt, Austria

by Gabriele M. Perklitsch
Housekeeping Expertin

in the Housekeeping-Quality-Management

for the hotel business, especially for the housekeeping management

There are Courses in different levels (basic, advanced, executive) 
for different targent groups e.g.

- the hotel owners
- the executive managers
- the executive housekeepers
- the floor supervisors
- the cleaning staff in general   

Housekeeping Course / Austria

HOUSEKEEPING Course Topics: e.g.

- introduction to structure and operation of hospitality industry
- role and responsibility of housekeeping departement
- housekeeping organisatin charts
- housekeeping duties within an establishment
- human resource: supervision of staff, in-house trainings
- scheduling, basic planning activity and organisation
- developing and implementing of housekeeping standards
- use of cleaning agents, chemicals
- managing inventories
- laundry management
- controlling duties
- cost controlling
- the efficiency of a housekeeping departement
- safety and security aspects within the working environment
- technical know-how for housekeepers
- good relationship with other hotel operating departments
- daily cleaning routines for floor attendants
- inspection routines for floor supervisors for hotel guest rooms
- ---

Courses in English are held only on request and special arrangements - 
not on regular basis.

For further information please contact GAMAPE® Housekeeping.  

Housekeeping Consulting Activities by GAMAPE®

We provide you with the neccessary know-how for the operation of an efficient and successful housekeeping operation! Don´t hesistate to contact us. We are glad to be able to help you in the proper management of your housekeeping departement. 


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